17 Log Cabins We Love

The rugged beauty and fuss-free style of log cabins made them one of the most beloved American home archetypes of all time. Today, the wooden retreats are cropping up in neighborhoods around the country as modern-day homeowners catch on to their rustic charm and time-tested construction. Ahead, a collection of our favorite contemporary examples of the enduring log cabin.

  1. Porch with Panache in Bailey, CO

    Log Cabin with Porch

    Though set against the larger-than-life landscape of the Lost Creek Wilderness Area, this Coloradan cabin provides an intimate atmosphere for those who appreciate the simple things in life. A cozy but spacious covered patio and wrap-around redwood deck is an ideal spot to soak up the sun and bask in the charms of nature. Rustic details continue into the interior, where oak hardwood floors work with real log beams and walls to create a homey environment.

  2. Off the Beaten Path in Jackson, WY

    Log Cabin Wood Interior

    The stately stone path snaking through the grounds of this peaceful property designed by Ellis Nunn Architects creates a defined perimeter around the log cabin that makes it feel less like an outpost in the West West and more like a modern home. Even so, the archetypal features of a traditional cabin remain hidden in plain sight—from the exposed beams that cover the patio to the rough-hewn wooden dining set and visually arresting faux antler chandelier that cements the rural aesthetic.

  3. Double Decked Cabin in Bainbridge Island, WA

    Log Cabin with Deck

    The luxuries of this secluded cabin on idyllic Bainbridge Island simply couldn’t be confined to a single level, which is why you’ll find comfort spread out across two levels. French doors, ornate stained-glass windows, and a combination of slate, tile, and hardwood flooring make the interior as inviting as the exterior is unconventional. Two spacious decks, one located on each floor, provide the perfect vantage point from which to take in the grandeur of the cabin’s two-acre, tree-lined lot.

  4. Gnarly Cabin in Breckenridge, CO

    Log Cabin Lodge

    Multiple dormers coupled with hand-hewn wooden pillars and staircases make this oversized cabin look like it leapt off the pages of a fairy tale. But as the design team at Mountain Log Homes & Interiors can attest, the creatively conceived cabin is no fiction but a real home made with authentic red cedar wood. The all-wood interior is just as charming and pairs perfectly with other natural elements like a stone fireplace and a faux animal bust over the mantel.

  5. Age-Defying Beauty in Atlanta, GA

    Log Cabin with Stone Fireplace

    When it comes to log cabins, the more unfinished the look, the more authentic the feel. To that end, Clark & Zook Architects didn’t use a heavy-handed approach to remodel this 1820s-era wood cabin. Instead, they opted to adapt but not erase its aged visage, installing rough-hewn dogwood tree porch railings, salvaged wood doors, and an industrial-style outdoor ceiling fan in the exterior. Indoors, the elegant “chinked” effect of the chocolate-colored wood log walls separated by mortar, was kept intact but accentuated with floors, joists, stairs, and ceilings made from pine or reclaimed barn wood.

  6. Wrapped in Style in Gatlinburg, TN

    Log Cabin with a View

    There’s no danger of cabin fever setting in at this two-story, 5,122-square-foot gated log “cabin” on the east coast of Tennessee. The handmade home boasts not one but two wrap-around porches from which to view the breathtaking Smoky Mountains. The same rustic beauty that envelops the exterior can be found in the walls, railings, and wood and tile floors that line six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half baths in the interior.

  7. Luxury Log Cabin in Minneapolis, MN

    Luxury Log Cabin

    Can’t picture yourself roughing it in a tiny log cabin? BeDe Design has designed the perfect alternative accommodation. This spacious cottage set in the woods of Minneapolis boasts a chocolate brown facade of interlocking wooden slats that evokes the same feel of a traditional log cabin, yet with a contemporary touch. Indoors, the builders opted for the natural look with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and recessed ceiling beams that lend a homeyness that feels fresh and never precious or old-fashioned.

  8. Dry Cabin Living in Fairbanks, AK

    Two Story Log Cabin

    If you’re ready to take the plunge into dry cabin living, that is, living in a cabin without running water, you couldn’t pick a better place to start than at this two-story cabin in Fairbanks. An outdoor RV-style shower and outhouse allow you to rough it, while an indoor kitchen with running water means you won’t have to sacrifice much convenience. For outdoor lovers, the most noteworthy aspect of the property is undoubtedly its close proximity to the breathtaking beauty of Alaskan nature. Meandering trails, hay fields, and Creamer’s Field Waterfowl Refuge are all but a short commute away from the secluded sanctuary.

  9. Cedar Wood Cabin in Pacific, MO

    Log Cabin with Wood Storage

    While this 1950s-style log cabin is only a short drive from a theme park, the dwelling offers endless amusements of its own. A sleeping porch, and private dock on a 20-acre lake have the makings for the perfect lazy summer day of lounging, swimming, or fishing. When you’re ready to call it a day, the cozy 750-square-foot interior coaxes you to kick up your feet in the comfort of a cedar-clad home.

  10. Letting Off Steam in Izvoare, Judetul Harghita, Romania

    Log Cabin in the Woods

    Though Transylvania is better known by tourists as home to the mythical Dracula, this magical cabin that calls the town home is anything but frightful. A 3,000-liter wood-fired hot tub and patio set bring a little luxury to the deck, while leaving ample room to barbecue within easy reach of the home’s interior. Here, a sunny, open floor plan lets residents enjoy a view of the outdoors even while relaxing on the sprawling curved couch.

  11. Mexican-Inspired Cabin in Smith Lake, NSW, Australia

    Log Cabin in Australia

    You might never guess by looking at this Mexican-inspired cedar log cabin that the tiny abode is actually situated on the eastern coast of Australia. A cozy stovepipe fireplace, timber floors, and Mexican antiques hearken back to the hacienda-style homes of old to lend warmth and authenticity to the interior. Outdoors, a wrap-around porch transitions residents from historic Mexico to a modern-day down-under outpost.

  12. Waterfront Cabin in White Salmon, WA

    Log Cabin on the Water

    Perched on a hill overlooking the peaceful currents of the White Salmon River, this waterfront log cabin affords peace, quiet, and seclusion from the bustle of modern life. The raised deck and outdoor fire pit makes entertaining within easy view of nature’s beauty an everyday luxury. When you’ve had your fill of the wild, you’ll find respite in one of the cabin’s two guest units, each outfitted with custom-crafted log furniture.

  13. Big Personality in Brampton, Cumbria, UK

    Tiny Log Cabin

    Straight and narrow though this tiny log cabin may be, it uses its every inch of its spare square footage to the fullest potential. At the far back of the abode, an alcove some might consider awkward is imagined as a cozy nook for a double bed, while cushion-topped wooden benches overlooking the tiny bedroom can double as seating or storage units. Functionality aside, the log cabin is worth a look for the classic exterior alone. Charming both in terms of its size and styling, the home hearkens back to log cabins of old with its dark exterior paint, gable roof, while a small deck brings a touch of modernity for those who cherish contemporary outdoor living.

  14. Swedish Log Cabin in Monroe, WA

    Large Log Cabin

    Ten scenic acres with clear views of The Olympic Mountains, The Cascades, and Mount Baker become your personal playground when you move into this Swedish-style log cabin in the Pacific Northwest. The imposing dormer over the front entrance is an architectural marvel to behold on its own, but step through the 100-year-old doors, and you’ll be equally spellbound by the 30-foot pine ceilings and towering stone fireplace that await you indoors.

  15. Floating Cabin in Golden Lake, ON, Canada

    Log Cabin on the Lake

    This lakefront log cabin is set so close to scenic Golden Lake that you’ll feel like you’re floating on water when strolling the cozy wooden deck. Though the outdoor deck provides the perfect perch for gazing at wildlife or dining on cool Canadian nights, the private dock holds the cure to your wanderlust, letting you push off in a boat, paddle board, or head out for a fishing excursion. It’s daily diversions like these that make the many-splendored cabin well worth the trip north of the U.S. border.

  16. Window to the Woods in Stevenson, WA

    Modern Log Cabin

    The windowed walls that enclose this log cabin on Rock Creek River create an open ambiance that better connects cabin dwellers with the bountiful flora that surrounds them. Among the plant life you can glimpse from the inside or outside of the dwelling are towering redwood cedars, wild blueberries, and flowering dogwoods. Offered up alongside these natural wonders are a host of impressive creature comforts indoors, including stone floors with radiant heating and a waterfall shower to go with the real private waterfall that sits outside the property.

    Photo: airbnb.com

  17. Short and Sweet in Kingston, WA

    Ranch-Style Log Cabin

    Though short and stout in stature, this cabin makes a big impression with its unconventional blue roof and yellow cedar wood facade. Log walls and ceiling beams on the interior maintain an equally sunny personality, where contrasting colors and shapes come together in a delightful portrait of nature’s many hues.

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