Log Cabin Or Timber Frame Home Extension

Log or timber frame cabins can now be built as an extension to your home.  A house extension is a great choice for those who need more space in their home, without the pain of selling and looking for another dwelling. Extensions are popular with uses such as extra accommodation, dining rooms, sun rooms, studios, home offices, extra bedrooms, etc.  Even the smallest of house extensions can make a huge difference to the space in your home.

Well-designed house extensions can transform even the humblest of homes by maximizing the floor-plan and adding to the market value. We make the extension look like it has always been there. Log cabin extensions are quick to assemble, cost-effective and energy efficient, and offer a huge range of design possibilities. Our designs always featured an emphasis on energy and quality materials.  It usually costs less than a traditionally-built extension, because there are fewer labour hours involved in the construction. Costs are hard to quantify due to specification and complexity of design, the prices start from €850/m2  for the simpler options. Factors affecting the price will include:

  • Size
  • Thickness of the log/ frame;
  • Type and amount of insulation;
  • Choice of external cladding;
  •   Amount and specification of glazing.

They come in many different styles – the very popular ultra-modern ‘flat roof’ extension with big windows and roof lights.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of work at every stage of your project and have a reputation for being reliable, on-time, within budget and executers of fine workmanship. We fully recognise that the purchase of your home was one of the most important decisions you made and we aim to add value to that investment by providing you with outstanding results on your home extension.

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